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About SyntheSci!

Building on top all of the findings known in a field, our platform engages social scholarship to unlock previously hidden solutions, uncover next avenues for research pursuit, and create immediate evidence-informed solutions.

Social Scholarship

SyntheSci engages the community in building a persisted social platform of evidence. Users advance the platform through adding custom data records and new metadata, verifying and flagging data, creating networked and augmented advancements.

  • Leverage the power of having all research findings to glean new insights on solutions and next research steps from patterns of known results
  • See trends based on similarities and differences between studies
  • Build from the ideas and efforts of others to foster infinite and connected advances in scientific evidence

Locate Data

SyntheSci curates records of all of the findings from research articles and reports in a field. We add extensive metadata tags to the records enabling precise location and filtering of evidence.

  • Access and use information that is already known
  • Never fund or conduct another duplicate study
  • Determine where the gaps are in what has been studied

Synthesize Data

SyntheSci enables extensive integration across cumulative data.

  • Accelerate new discoveries through ready-understanding of what’s already cumulatively known
  • Integrate the findings across many studies to get a clear picture of overall what works, when, and how
  • Permanently add your findings and insights into the platform to advance all that is known

SyntheSci projects in development.

Energy and environment

SyntheSci is working to decrease greenhouse gases, decrease water usage, and boost energy efficiency. Thousands of research projects have been conducted across the wide energy and environment space from land reclamation to solvent-assisted recovery to sustainable energy efficiency.

  • We ensure the findings of this research can be located and used by the next generation of researchers and operators.
  • We integrate findings across independent studies showing new evidence of the total being greater than the sum of its parts.
  • We enable users to add proprietary data into their personal profiles to explore integrated patterns with public information.


SyntheSci is building an engine for locating and integrating data from randomized controlled trials.

  • Advanced locate tools enable medical researchers to instantly filter through trials studies based on Methods, Participants, Interventions, Outcomes, and Bias.
  • Synthesis tools enable ready meta-analysis of findings across and between specialties. Users add new insights to the system with annotated sources for verification and flagging by other users towards a cumulative, infinite, and growing system.
  • We’re reducing the time required to prepare systematic reviews of randomized controlled trials from years to weeks through our reproducible, systems-based approach.
  • New insights can be explored without waiting for a new review to be conducted or updated on a topic. Not just living systematic reviews, but an infinite, cumulative system transparently augmented by the scholarly community.

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